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Western Layout - SF & UP

New City
Mining Valley
New Plateau
Auto Dealer Backdrop
New Layout Construction
Old Layout 9 pages below
Mountain Table
Town of Plateau
City and Terminal
Coal Mining Valley
Gantry Crane
Const - Mountain Table
Moved Layout
Const - Valley Table
Teardown Layout
Colorado & Georgetown
Wyoming Trains
California Trains
CT Eastern Museum
Birds and Our Cat
CT Eastern Museum

Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum
Columbia Junction
Willimantic, CT

The original roundhouse was constructed in 1892 by the NY, NH, & Hartford Railroad.

That's me in front of the reconstructed roundhouse. It was built over the original pits.
Total cost will be about $500,000. A $400,000 grant was received from the state.

Engine House

Engine house pit

Hand Car

We rode the handcar above. It's surprisingly easy to pump and zips along at a nice pace.

Below is a sporty version.

Sporty Handcar


Sandi is waiting for the 4-4-0 in the 1872 station moved here from Chaplin.
The section house below houses a powered gang car.

Section House

Gang Car

Spiking Rail

Sandi spiking a rail.