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Western Layout - SF & UP

New City
Mining Valley
New Plateau
Auto Dealer Backdrop
New Layout Construction
Old Layout 9 pages below
Mountain Table
Town of Plateau
City and Terminal
Coal Mining Valley
Gantry Crane
Const - Mountain Table
Moved Layout
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Teardown Layout
Colorado & Georgetown
Wyoming Trains
California Trains
CT Eastern Museum
Birds and Our Cat
Moved Layout

How I moved my 1/2 ton layout one foot by myself.

We will be moving the furniture out of the train room to expand the layout about double the current size. It was my desire to move the 10 x 20 foot layout about one foot. At first it appeared to be a formidable task, but after some thought, I came up with a scheme such that I was able to move the layout in 1 1/2 hour by myself while all of the trains where on the layout.
Because I didn't want to use a lot of leg braces that inhibit crawling, my table legs are bolted 2x4s. I was able to loosen the bolts and walk the legs. The rigid portion at the panel was jacked up with pipe rollers separating two 2x4s. After slightly jacking, I moved each loose leg about 2 inches, then pushed the layout 2 inches. I repeated this process until the layout was where I wanted it. 



The photo below shows the table before the move, but with the front leg moved to the left to start the walk. The braces on the back legs were removed after the photo.